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University Research Review Process: Documents & Resources

URR Purpose and Support Documents

The purpose of the URR process is to enable students to complete their doctoral capstone products with the highest level of quality possible for them while providing a source of independent feedback on all aspects of their work.  The URR process has been in place since January of 2009.  Information concerning the URR process has been provided to help students and faculty with questions concerning this process.  Please review the guidebook for your program if you have further questions regarding the URR process that are not addressed in the documents provided.

URR Appeals Process

In the unlikely event that there is a conflict within a committee that requires arbitration, the following steps should be followed:

  1. The Committee Chair drafts a request for clarification and/or justification of specific points of the URR’s feedback.
  2. If the Committee Chair wishes to question specific recommendations, he or she will request a meeting with the URR to resolve the disagreement(s); both parties will work to resolve any disagreements during this meeting.
  3. In the uncommon event that this informal resolution stage is unsuccessful, the Chair and the URR will jointly submit a request for mediation and/or arbitration, containing their respective rationales to support their positions regarding their point(s) of disagreement, to the Director of Committee Support and Doctoral Student Progress in the CRQ who is responsible for overseeing the URR process (send correspondence to
  4. Meetings will be scheduled to review concerns of Chair and URR and to come to a consensus.
  5. Recommendations of the arbitrator are documented, and the recommendations returned to the Chair and the URR.
  6. In the rare case where resolution is still not achieved through this third-party mediation or arbitration, the Chair and the URR will notify the arbitrator that the issues(s) remain unresolved, and the Director of Committee Support and Doctoral Student Progress will submit the appeal to the executive director of the CRQ, for a final review and decision.