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Students should keep all their records of practicum/internship for documentation purposes to include signed time sheets & evaluations. State licensing boards will boards require verification of your field experience for licensure. While your time sheets and evaluations are in Meditrek it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to maintain copies of their records. These documents serve as official documents for licensure.

Post Doctoral Opportunities

Most states require 1-2 years post-doctoral where you narrow your interest and prepare for your specialized field of interest. Ways to secure a post-doctoral site are to present and attend professional conferences. Join a professional organization. Reach out to your faculty and dissertation chairs who may be interested in a research post-doctoral student or who can advocate on your behalf. You can also join professional postdoc listservs or

Psychology Office of Certification, Licensure, and Compliance

The Office of Certification, Licensure, and Compliance can assist with accreditation and licensure information, completing state board forms, and answering questions related to certification and licensure. Visit their website for more information and how to contact them.

Alumni Feedback

Periodically, Walden alumni are polled to gather information about the value of their education and training. Professional psychology students are asked specific questions to allow program directors to improve programming to better address professional needs and skills, including adjusting field experience expectations.