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Faculty Resources: Classroom Announcements

Share Classroom Announcements!

The Walden Career Planning and Development has a number of resources and offerings that you might wish to share with your students through course announcements. You are welcome to post any of the following announcements in your classrooms.

Announcement: COVID-19 Toolkit

Has your life been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic?  Career Planning and Development has developed a helpful toolkit to navigate employment uncertainty and professional, personal and academic challenges during the pandemic. Gain valuable tools to manage your career and cultivate well-being during these unprecedented times.  Watch the webinar, Navigating Employment Uncertainty, to get started.

Announcement: Resumes

Is it time to update your resume? Walden Career Planning and Development has a number of resources to help. You can preview resume samples and templates in OptimalResume and gain helpful tips by viewing the video, Marketing your Qualifications Through Resumes and Cover Letters.

Announcement: Doctoral Students

If you are interested in exploring doctoral career paths or searching for a higher education teaching position, we encourage you to work with Walden Career Planning and Development on preparing for your search. To get started, view the archived webinars in their Doctoral Webinars page.

Do you know that Walden Career Planning and Development has resources to help you create or update your curriculum vitae (c.v.)?  Check out sample curriculum vitae in the OptimalResume system or review the Curriculum Vitae Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to create or enhance your document.  

Announcement: One-on-One Appointments

Resume Feedback:
Did you know that Walden Career Planning and Development offers one-on-one phone or Zoom appointments to discuss strategies to reach your career goals? They can also provide feedback on your resume during the appointment. You can schedule your appointment via your Student Portal or visit the Schedule an Appointment page.

Career Options:
Have you thought about what you would like to do with your degree? The Walden Career Planning and Development can help you take steps to explore career options. Visit the Career Exploration page to get started.

Announcement: Career Inspiration

Need some career inspiration? Visit the Walden Career Planning and Development blog and watch the Career Spotlight videos for stories on how Walden students are applying career management strategies to advance their careers.

Announcement: Quick Career Advice

Need some quick career advice? Take the short How Can We Help You? career quiz on the Career Career Planning and Development homepage and check out Career Planning and Development's 15 Minute Tutorials on a variety of career-related topics.

Announcement: Social Media

Interested in creating or improving your LinkedIn profile? Career Planning and Development has a series of archived webinars on LinkedIn to help you get started.

Follow the Career Planning and Development on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook for quick career advice and updates on offerings.

Announcement: Optional Internships

Are you seeking to advance in your career or transition into a new field? A great way to gain skills and experience is to complete an internship. You can learn more about Walden’s optional internships on the Internship Courses page .  Need ideas for completing an optional internship? Read internship success stories or watch the webinar, Gain Experience Through Optional Internships.  For more information, contact


*Disclaimer: Students in programs with required internship/practicum, as well as TEMPO students, are not eligible for Optional Internship courses. Please do not post announcements if your course has a majority of these students.  

Announcement: Job and Internship Search Tools

Are you searching for jobs or internships in your current or future field?  If you are in an active job search or looking to gain experience through applied learning, Career Planning and Development offers GoinGlobal, a job and internship search system with location-specific career and employment resources for more than 90 countries and cities worldwide, and the Walden Job and Internship Locator where employers can post opportunities exclusively for Walden students and alumni.  Visit the Job and Internship Search page to learn more about GoinGlobal and the Walden Job and Internship Locator.  The Job and Internship Search page also includes interest-specific job sites, volunteering sites, and internship resources.

Announcement: College Specific Resources

Career Planning and Development has college specific resources that include niche job boards in a variety of career fields. 

Announcement: Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience, make connections in your future field, and support Walden’s social change mission. For more information on how volunteering can help your career, watch Career Planning and Development’s archived webinar, Strategic Volunteering for Career Success and find local or virtual volunteer opportunities to get involved.

Announcement: OptimalResume Portfolios

An online portfolio can showcase your academic and professional accomplishments and expertise. To learn more about creating a portfolio using the OptimalResume/SkillsFirst system or upgrading your current portfolio, refer to the General Portfolio Guide for Walden Students.  Design an impactful portfolio to share with employers and professionals in your field.

Announcement: Interviewing

Are you preparing for a job interview or looking to practice your interview skills?  Walden Career Planning and Development offers an Interviewing page with helpful tips, sample interview questions, and important considerations for face-to-face and virtual interviews.  Log into OptimalResume using your Walden email and password and use its Interview Prep module to practice mock interviewing skills.