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Library Webinar Archives: Psychology


View recordings of previous Walden University Library webinars.

Finding Literature for the Literature Review

In this webinar, we talk about how to use library resources to locate current literature on your topic. We cover what databases you should use, how to find keywords and subject terms, when to use full-text, peer-review, and date limiters (and when not to), how to use Document Delivery Service to request an article not available in the library, how to find recent articles using citation chaining and alerts, how to find studies that use a specific methodology, how to find out what tests and measures, how to find information on theories, and how and when should you use Google Scholar.

Finding the Gap in the Literature through Exploratory Research

In this webinar, we talk about how to use exploratory research to identify a gap in the literature. We will look specifically at how to identify broad concepts with your area of interest and how to use library resources to survey current literature and identify opportunities for further research. We will explore a sample topic in Thoreau and PsycINFO while covering tips and tricks for narrowing your topic and preparing for your literature review.

Introduction to Psychology Research at Walden Library

This session will introduce students to resources available in the area of psychology. Learn tips on how to get the most out of your database searches in the psychiatry subject area as well as some more basic information to help you navigate and locate information on the library website.

Introduction to Doctoral Level Psychology Research

This session will introduce  students to doctoral level library research in the field of psychology. We will cover resources and search strategies for locating literature for the literature review.

Transcript available upon request

PsycTESTS: A Closer Look

Learn tips and tricks for using PsycTESTS effectively to discover and locate testing and assessment instruments.

Tests & Measures Lab

Learn how to find tests and measures at Walden Library and beyond. Reliability and validity are also covered in this session. 

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