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Technology Support: MyDR

What is MyDR?

The My Doctoral Research (MyDR) system is designed to assist you and your committee in navigating your doctoral research journey. The MyDR system landing pages will track your progress and serve as a central location for resources to support that progress. Many resources can also be found on the Center for Research Quality's website. 

The Taskstream element of the myDR system will be used to establish a process flow tool.  Using this tool, your committee will exchange and store faculty evaluations and feedback on your work as you progress along your capstone journey. 

For more information about Taskstream, please visit the ePortfolio & Taskstream section of this website.

MyDR Access

Students will not have access to MyDR until they have their doctoral capstone committee members (approved chair and second member) approved and they are enrolled in their doctoral capstone classroom.

Once a full committee has been approved and you are enrolled in your doctoral capstone classroom, you will be able to access MyDR from the your Course Home page by clicking on the Launch Web Landing Pages link.

MyDR Training and Resources

For additional training resources related to MyDR, please review the Center for Research Quality's MyDR student guides and self-paced modules.

MyDR Support

Students should direct technical questions; including those related to MyDR or system errors messages encountered in the MyDR system to the Customer Care Team (CCT). You can do this by clicking on the Support tab of your myWalden portal and submitting requests in writing.  You can also contact Customer Care through live chat, calling 1-800-WALDENU (1-612-925-3368), or e-mailing

If your committee member does not have access to your work in MyDR, he or she should contact the Center for Research Quality. CCT cannot resolve access issues for faculty if they have not yet been assigned as your committee member.