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Technology Support: ePortfolio & Taskstream


ePortfolio is a tool used by students enrolled in some Walden University programs within the Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership and the School of Nursing to manage a portfolio of their work. Only those students who have an ePortfolio requirement will have access to an ePortfolio. Walden’s ePortfolio is housed within the Taskstream system, and is used to manage student submissions and faculty rubrics and feedback. For more information about Tasktream, please visit that section of the website.

Candidates who are working on their ePortfolio are registered for this non-course requirement by the University. The portfolio brings together work from all the courses in the program and demonstrates that the candidate has acquired both the knowledge (scholar) and the ability to apply (practitioner) it. A portfolio assessor works with candidates on an individual basis to ensure that each artifact required in the portfolio is adequately completed. Once the ePortfolio (also called the collection of Major Assessments) and all other program requirements are met, a student’s degree can be awarded.


Students in Walden’s masters and doctoral Education programs, some Nursing programs, and all doctoral programs will use Taskstream at different points in their programs.

  • Students in some of Walden’s master’s level education and nursing programs will use Taskstream as part of their ePortfolio requirement.
  • Students in the doctoral education programs will also use Taskstream as part of their ePortfolio requirement, in addition to using it for their doctoral capstone.
  • Students in Walden’s doctoral level programs will use Taskstream to complete their doctoral capstone after they have been enrolled in their capstone course and have both a chair and a second member assigned.