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Military Services

New Students: Walden Military Benefits and Discounts

Apply for Military Tuition Discount

A military tuition discount is offered to military connected students who fall one of the following categories:

  • Veteran
  • Active-duty
  • Spouse of a military member
  • Employees of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Please be advised that children of a military member are not eligible for the military tuition discount. The Billing Office within the Bursar’s Office determines eligibility for the military tuition discount and you must apply for the military tuition discount before you can receive it. Please follow the steps below to request the military tuition discount.

  1. Apply for admissions to Walden University.
  2. Contact your Enrollment Specialist to apply for the military tuition discount.

Provide the following supporting documentation to your Enrollment Specialist.

  • Veteran/active-duty: DD214 or LES
  • Spouse of a military member: Marriage certification along with the military member’s DD214 or LES
  • Employees of the VA: Send an email from your work email ( to your Enrollment Specialist
  1. Register for classes. Your Enrollment Specialist will help you through this process.
  2. Learn about our Military Leave of Absence policy and Military Leniency process
  3. Learn about university resources that are available to you. 

Please note that the military tuition discount cannot be applied retroactively. For more information, please contact your Enrollment Specialist or the Billing Office at