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Field Experience: Additional Opportunities: Study Abroad

Study Abroad

IDST 4004: Seminar with Study Abroad (5 quarter credits): 

Students have the opportunity to enroll in a course that focuses on working with different cultures. Walden determines study abroad locations, which the Student Communications Team will announce 6–7 months in advance of travel dates. The travel portion of the study abroad experience consists of 7–14 days within a 6-week course.  The following countries have been part of the Walden study abroad program: England, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and China.

Field Experience Requirements

Undergraduate students must successfully complete ENGL 1010: English Composition or its equivalent prior to eligibility for a field experience course. Walden recommends that students complete at least 90 credits of their program before enrolling in the public service or internship field experience course. Field experience students are enrolled in the bachelor’s program of their choice. 

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