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Field Experience: Additional Opportunities: Optional Field Experience Opportunities

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Optional Field Experience Overview

What is Field Experience?

Field experience is a real-world, hands-on opportunity to put into practice theory studied in coursework. Field experience is designed for students who are reflective about their work, who are culturally responsive to the needs of the community, and who are willing and able to assume active roles, along with other community members, both domestically and internationally.

Field experience also provides students the opportunity to learn from seasoned organizational leaders in the field who can help them articulate how the experience is able to further their area of study. An ideal field site organization can teach best practices to an incoming professional, establish a partnership with Walden, and create a mentorship within their organization to enhance community development and civic responsibility.

For undergraduates, there are three types of field experience opportunities: public service, internship, and study abroad. Currently, graduate students have the option to complete a zero-credit internship through the Office of Academic Support. Students are responsible for completing all necessary paperwork and securing their public service, internship, or study abroad opportunity.

Field Experience Requirements

Undergraduate students must successfully complete ENGL 1010: English Composition or its equivalent prior to eligibility for a field experience course. Walden recommends that students complete at least 90 credits of their program before enrolling in the public service or internship field experience course. Field experience students are enrolled in the bachelor’s program of their choice.