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Field Experience: Riley College of Education and Human Sciences: College of Education & Leadership

About the Riley College of Education and Human Sciences

Walden University is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), the only recognized national accreditor for education preparation. This accreditation covers The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences' initial teacher preparation programs—the BS in Elementary Education and the Master of Arts in Teaching with a specialization in Special Education—and our advanced educator preparation programs—the EdS in Educational Leadership and Administration and the MS in Education with a specialization in Educational Leadership and Administration. CAEP accreditation ensures the college has met rigorous national standards set by the profession and members of the public.

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences is committed to pursuing academic excellence, embracing our rich diversity, valuing all of our stakeholders, and encouraging civic responsibility through the promotion of positive social change.

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Welcome From Dean Makris


Welcome to the Riley College Office of Field Experiences.  The Office consists of the associate dean for field experiences/certification officer, senior coordinator of field experiences, and two coordinators of field experiences. The Office supports the licensure programs of the College of Education and Human Sciences including the Master of Arts in Teaching program, the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education program, and the principal licensure programs. Activities of the Office of Field Experiences include arranging for field placements of licensure students, monitoring student progress through program transition points, hiring and training university supervisors who support and evaluate students in the field, ensuring the completion of legal agreements with partner schools, and assisting students with questions and requirements for licensure. The entire team maintains strong communications with students, districts, and schools. 

Enjoy your tour of the Riley Office of Field Experiences website and let us know if you have any questions or if additional information would be helpful for you.

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Licensure Information

Each state board or department of education creates rules and policies that provide the specific details governing the profession, including licensing requirements in the state. Licensing requirements generally include specific degree and course work components, background checks and fingerprinting, field work experience, examinations, and fees. Some states also have state-specific courses or training required, so it is important to understand all of these licensing requirements for the state in which you intend to earn a licensure or endorsement.

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Office of Field Experiences Contact Information

Kate Kilian

Kate Kilian

Jennifer Knutson

Jennifer Knutson

Kayla Jones

Meghan Wallace

Meghan Wallace

Walden University

Attn: College of Education and Human Sciences Office of Field Experiences

100 Washington Ave. South, Suite 1210

Minneapolis, MN 55401


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