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Doctor of Nursing Practice: Overview


Welcome to the Doctor of Nursing (DNP) page. On this page, you will find the resources you need to complete the DNP doctoral project.

Doctor of Nursing Program Capstone Resources


Welcome to the DNP Project Website, your one-stop shop for all your DNP Project resources. Below is a step-by-step guide to completing your project, including links to the resources you’ll need along the way. The project process is collaborative and iterative, and we recommend reviewing the steps below when you begin the DNP program. Bookmark this page as well, so you can refer back to it often.


Step-by-Step Process to Completing Your DNP Project

  1. Review DNP Project Process Guide and DNP Practicum Manual before starting your first course

  1. Start NURS 8110: Scientific Foundations for Nursing
  • Develop a Practice Focused Question
  • Review project process manual
  • Always keep your project at the forefront of your work in the class; plan for the end at the beginning.
  • Use your coursework to explore your chosen topic and start learning how to use the subscription databases provided by Walden Library.

  1. Nominate Chair in Week 6 of NURS 8110
    For more information, contact

  1. Review the DNP Project Prospectus Guide, Rubric, & Template

  1. Register and work in your NURS 8700 or NURS 8701: DNP Project Mentoring classroom
  • Start working with your chair on your DNP project prospectus/paper while also completing your other coursework, practicum, and field experience (if applicable)
  • Post your term plans and prospectus/paper drafts in your NURS 8700 or NURS 8701classroom every week when you complete revisions
  • Use the Writing Center Resources (Grammarly, webinars, paper reviews, etc.)
  • Use the Walden Library Resources (Doctoral research appointments, webinars, subscription databases, Ask a Librarian service)

  1. Work your chair when you’re ready to submit your final draft of your prospectus into MyDR prospectus/project into MyDR
  • Review MyDR Student Guide
  • Please expect to revise and resubmit your drafts based on feedback from your committee.

  1. After prospectus approval, repeat steps 5 and 6 to complete your proposal.
  • Review Oral Defense Information when you get closer to completing your final draft of your proposal

  1. Prepare for and present your Oral Defense of your proposal

  1. Once the chair has approved your oral proposal defense you will receive an e-mail to upload your DNP Proposal for committee review in Taskstream.

Form A

You will also receive an emailed set of “next steps” from IRB within 10 business days.

Complete and return the Online Form A as directed by the IRB

To prevent delays, please copy your chair on all correspondence with IRB.

  1. Conduct project and collect data.

  1. Complete sections 4 and 5 with your chair’s feedback.

  1. After your final paper is approved by your committee, complete the Form & Style process.
  • F&S resources:
  • Remember to check for any feedback and revisions from Form & Style.
  • Complete all recommended editing changes and provide clean edited copy to the chair to review before uploading to the final committee rubric analysis.


  1. Schedule, prepare for, and attend the Final Oral Defense
  • Revise as needed.

  1. Once the committee has approved your final oral presentation you will receive an e-mail to upload your final DNP Project Paper to Taskstream. Submit the final project final paper to Taskstream for committee review.
  • Once approved by the committee, the URR will upload for CAO approval.

  1. CAO provides feedback and requests for revision or approves.

Abstract Resources

  • Student completes revisions and resubmits as needed.

  1. Submit approved project for publication in ProQuest/UMI, using instructions provided.