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Video Training: Overview

What can you do with videos?

Video provides a visual presentation of yourself, your colleagues, and the services they offer. It is an opportunity for you to connect with students, staff, and faculty in a way that breaks through their normal experience with text-based websites or classrooms. Videos can be embedded in our websites to create a dynamic and interesting format for learners of all needs.

So, what can you do with video? You can:

  • Interview new staff, students, faculty, etc.
  • Interview staff, faculty, etc. about upcoming changes and their role in those changes
  • Create a vibrant center introduction video with real people
  • Provide shorter videos highlighting 2-3 tips about a product, service, area of expertise
  • Share and record your screen for real time tutorials
  • Interview students about your services
  • Create promotional materials (such as this video!) to inform students, staff, and faculty of upcoming events