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CFE Administration & Style: Faculty Portal

Faculty Portal Overview

The Faculty Portal contains links and announcements targeted at the faculty. The Center for Faculty Excellence owns the portal.  It is unclear who owns the various content pieces on the portal; both content and content ownership are currently being reviewed.

Ownership and maintenance

  • Director, CFE is currently responsible for the content within the portal (until individual owners are identified).

  • Walden University IT maintains the portal platform.

  • Content Management maintains the home page announcement and general information section.


The portal tabs are:


  • announcements and general links

  • Internet Tools and Resources for Faculty


  • KAM-related resources for faculty


  • contact information for most departments at Walden

Faculty Resources:

  • link to CFE Google site home page, which redirects to the CFE website


  • Change of Grade template

Faculty portal home tab

The main content on the Home tab of the portal is pushed from CFE's LibGuides via an iFrame widget.  


The links in the right column are maintained by Walden University IT.  At this time it is unknown how to update those links (this is under investigation).  Questions concerning the links should be directed to the Director, Content Management.

Layout of home tab main content

The content in the main column of the home tab lives in the CFE LibGuide system on the Faculty Portal Content guide. Updates to the Faculty Portal Content guide are pushed immediately to the Faculty Portal.

Due to the size of the iFrame in the Faculty Portal, the content is organized as heading 3 (h3) headers with jump links to the actual content. The layout is as follows:

Headline (h3) with anchor link to content (repeat for each headline)

hr line

line break

1st Headline (h3) with anchor

content (normal)

hr line

line break

2nd Headline (h3) with anchor

Update home page main content

Content for the Home tab is supplied by the Center for Faculty Excellence.  Content consists of a headline (short title for the update) and the actual content.  

To update the main content on the Home tab:

  1. Go to the Faculty Portal Content guide and log in to the backend.
  2. Click the edit option for the Faculty Portal Home Page Content box.
  3. Below the "Log in to Office 365" link, add the new headline, usually at the top of the column, and make it a heading 3.

  4. Scroll down to the content section, and add the same headline as a Heading 3, usually at the top of the content section. There is a line break between the hr line after the jump links and the content headline.
  5. Add an anchor to the beginning of the headline.

  6. Add the content below the headline.
  7. Add a hr line below the content.

  8. Click the "Save & Close" button.
  9. Go to the Faculty Portal and verify the jump links work and the layout is correct.

Remove home page main content

The Center for Faculty Excellence will provide dates to add and remove main page content when they provide it.  When it is time to remove the content:

  1. Go to the Faculty Portal Content guide and log in to the backend.
  2. Click the edit option for the Faculty Portal Home Page Content box.
  3. Highlight the appropriate content and delete it.