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Unlike other boxes in the CFE website, the box titles and content are center justified.  The box background colors are white, rather than the same color as the page background as on the rest of the site. The box with the quote is the only exception to this.  The background color is controlled through custom guide css.

The box titles are separated from the text by an hr line, which is the first piece of content in the rich text box.  Eventually the hr line will be incorporated as a border for the box titles, removing the need to have the hr line.

Announcement box

The content for the announcements section on the CFE website home page is provided by the Center for Faculty Excellence, and is often the same content as that on the CFE Faculty Portal.

The announcements are headlines that link to the actual content information (unless the announcement is short enough to not wrap to two lines on a standard laptop).

The announcement text goes below the hr line and is centered in the box.  

When the announcement is also on the Faculty Portal, the announcement headline should link to the appropriate anchor link on the Faculty Portal Content guide

If the announcement content is more than a link and is not on the Faculty Portal, I have no idea what we do.

Coffee, Tea, & CFE

Currently the events in the Coffee, Tea, & CFE box are created manually.  There should be a LibCal widget there, but the widget is pulling all the CFE webinar events, not just the Coffee, Tea, & CFE events.  We are working with Springshare on this issue.

The contents are all center justified.

Picture Carousel

The picture carousel currently houses pictures from various faculty events and faculty leaders.  The carousel is border-line non-ADA complaint as well as questionable web design and may be eliminated in the future.

All images in the carousel are 300px wide.  They must contain slide titles and appropriate alt-text.

Upcoming Webinars box

The Upcoming Webinars box content is created using the "All CFE Events" widget asset.  The asset contains iframe code from a LibCal widget using the Center for Faculty Excellence calendar.

The widget shows the next 5 upcoming events.  

Quick Links

The links in this section are manually created.  The text is center justified.

Custom css code

The website home page has guide custom css code which provides unique styling to certain elements on the page. The code on the home page either modifies boxes on the page or modifies the system code for a specific use on the home page but not in other places.

The code is documented in the CFE folder on the Springshare System Management site.