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Welcome to the Walden University Career Services Center!  I'm Senior Director of Career Services Lisa Cook, Senior Director of Career Services.  Joining me are Associate Director Dina Bergren and Senior  Career Advisors Nicolle Skalski, Denise Pranke and Angie Lira. So if you're watching this, you may be wondering where your degree will take you  – a new job, a new  career, teaching in higher education, or a raise or promotion in your current job.  How can Career  Services support you?  We meet you where you are on your career path.  Our role is to coach you to proactively manage your career so you take advantage of all opportunities to gain new experiences,  meet new professional connections, and strengthen your career story during your Walden degree  program and beyond.  Our career advising services have lit sparks in students who have gone on to  volunteer to promote positive social change, land new jobs, change careers, get published, become a  motivational speaker, grow their own businesses, and become webinar rock stars! Dina will now introduce you to our online Career Services Center, our one-stop shop for career support.  

Thanks Lisa!  Let's say you're up at midnight, you found a great job, and the application deadline is the next day.  How  can you get some quick advice to update your resume?  The Career Services Center website lets you tap  into asynchronous resources around the clock.  Use our Quick Start videos if you're s hort on time and  our archived webinars if you would like to take a deeper look at career - related topics. If you’re new to Career Services, the “Get Started” tab will direct you to our most popular resources and   recommendations.The Resources tab is your career research toolbox with information specific to each of Walden's four colleges, including links to professional development, job search, and networking groups. Wondering what you can do with your degree?  Explore potential career options on  our site and find  volunteer opportunities to build your skills. The Career Services website has something for everyone.  Get inspired by watching student career  spotlight videos and reading success stories on our blog.   Finally, use the Quick Answers too l to locate  resources based on your areas of interest.  

Thanks Dina! I am often asked, “How can I network with students and alumni”?  One exciting way to connect is using our new networking tool Walden Career Connections. Attend a live  Walden Career Connections event to expand your network, share career tips and establish new  professional relationships! Within just one hour you can connect with up to seven new contacts from  the comfort of your home, office, or favorite WiFi hotspot.  In  our first event, Walden students and  alumni had over  362 networking conversations! Visit the Career Services website to register for  upcoming events. Another great way to network is by using LinkedIn,  the top professional online networking site. We  encourage you to build a profile and join LinkedIn groups of interest to your career field. We invite you  to join the Walden University Career Services Center LinkedIn group to network and share career  information with other Walden community members. Our LinkedIn Group also features  job postings  specifically targeted toward Walden students and alumni.  Finally, connect with Career Services is through Facebook and Twitter!  ‘Like’ the Walden University  Career Center on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to connect with your peers and receive our latest  career advice and webinar offerings.   

Thanks Angie!  Resume assistance is our number 1 request from Walden students and alumni.  If you are  looking to create a resume, CV, e-portfolio, or professional career website, you can set up a free account  and access the OptimalResume system, a robust career document management system with five  modules.  Use the ResumeBuilder to choose from over 300 templates and  create visually pleasing  resumes for you to download and share.  Access career focused letter templates using the LetterBuilder.   Practice and refine your interviewing skills from the comfort of your home using the InterviewPrep  module, which allows you record a customized virtual interview and receive feedback from a virtual  coach. Set yourself apart to employers by using the PortfolioBuilder to create an online gallery of your  work that can be displayed as a page on your OptimalResume website.  Visit the OptimalResume button  on the Career Service s website homepage to get started!  

Thanks, Nicolle! Do  you have any ideas for how we can improve our offerings?  The Career Services  team appreciates student feedback!  Every month we meet to review suggestions for new webinar  topics.  For information on our upcoming live webinar offerings, watch your Walden email for  announcements or visit the Career Services Center home page.  Would you like to meet one-on- one with a Career Advisor? We offer individualized career advising  appointments on top ics such as creating strong marketing documents, networking and job search  strategies, career options for your degree, interviewing skills, or strategies to transition into a new field.   You can schedule a 45-minute advising appointment from our website' s home page.   The schedule is in  Eastern time and the advisor will call you at the time of your appointment.  Remember we are here to  support you in reaching your career goals!  I will now turn it back to Lisa.  

Thank you for virtually meeting our team and learning about our resources and offerings.  We're just an  email away  at:  All of our resources are accessible through our website  at:  We wish you g reat success in meeting your academic and  professional goals!    


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