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Career Services Video Transcripts

Transcript: Seeking a Job?

Video Title: Seeking a Job?


(Martin): Are you looking for a job? Seeking positions that match your skills? Take your job search to the next level with Career Services’ Resources Tab!  Hi, I am Martin Culberson, Graduate Assistant with the  Career Services Center.  I think you'll be like me, and surprised by how many job banks and career resources Walden University offers, including webinars, Quick Start videos and interview coaching.  This orientation to the resources tab will guide you to the niche job banks, LinkedIn Groups, and professional development resources for your field. Let’s get started!

Website Demonstration:

(Martin): Where on the Career Services Center website can you find the Resources tab? Take a look at the top navigation!
Pointer: Move to the top navigation and click on the Resources tab.

Let’s select By College from the drop-down menu. Here you can see the four main colleges. Let’s start with Education. First, we’ll choose an area of Education such as Higher Education/Online Learning.
Pointer: Click on By College, then on Education, followed by the Higher Education/Online Learning link.

The first tab lists associations, career guides, and professional development resources in higher education, the middle tab includes job banks, such as Chronicle of Higher Education and, where you can search for open positions. Finally, the last tab lists LinkedIn Groups where jobs may be shared or posted by group members. And that’s all there is to it!

Apply the same 3-step process if you are searching for jobs in Health Sciences, Management and Technology, or Social and Behavioral Sciences.
Pointer: Navigate back to the Resources tab and click on the By College link.

Step One: Find your college.
Pointer: Select the Social and Behavioral Sciences link.

Step Two: Select your school or interest area.
Pointer: Click on the Counseling, Social Work, and Human Services link.

Step Three: Search for your next job using a multitude of job sites!

Still need more job search tools? Click on the Get Started tab, We Recommend, and check out the Quick Start Videos on researching career trends and information to learn how to maximize the Resources tab and find the right opportunity.


(Martin): I hope you will take advantage of our many website resources. For personalized job search assistance, schedule an appointment with a career advisor. We look forward to helping you reach your career goals!


[This text is being provided in a lightly edited draft format to facilitate communication accessibility and may not be a totally verbatim record of the proceedings]