Transcript: Seeking a Job in Higher Education?

Transcript: Seeking a Job in Higher Education?

Video Title: Seeking a Job in Higher Education?





(Katy): Are you ready to take the leap into your first higher ed teaching position?  Maybe you’re already working at a college or university and looking for career advancement? 

Students who are successful in their higher ed job search engage in three specific activities: They build their professional reputation, create a strong curriculum vitae, and boost their networking efforts.

Next, I will guide you to the Career Services Doctoral Resources where you’ll find tools to land your next higher ed opportunity.  Let’s get started!


Website Demonstration:

To get to the Doctoral Resources page, click on Career Exploration from the top navigation menu. Now select the Doctoral Resources blue button.

How can you stand out as an educator, subject matter expert, researcher, or administrator?  Start with our Doctoral Webinar Series page! Watch and listen as academic leaders and alumni share their tips on building an academic reputation in higher ed, marketing skills through your curriculum vita, navigating the higher ed job search process, publishing and presenting at conferences, building your identity as a scholar-practitioner, and other related topics. The Doctoral Career Pathways Conference: Explore Doctoral Career Paths is an outstanding resource and includes a Pathways Guide PDF with a series of doctoral success stories.

When you find the right opportunity, it’s time to impress the faculty recruiter, program director, or dean!  The Career Services Center offers a CV Guide to help you build or enhance your document section-by-section. Follow our detailed tips and guidelines to achieve results!

There are also resources to develop your professional communication skills with tips on Letters of Recommendation and Academic Signature Guidelines. Network with academics and researchers through Chronicle Vitae, Research Gate, and other popular sites.

Want to learn more?  Visit the Career Services Center home page and use the search bar to search for relevant career topics. View 500+ resume and CV samples using our OptimalResume system.



We encourage you to take advantage of our many resources and stay connected with us!  Schedule your personalized career advising appointment, connect with us through social media, and register for Drop-In Advising events on our home page.  And when you land your dream job in higher education, remember to pay it forward and help others with their career advancement.

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