Transcript: How It Works!

Video Title:  How It Works!



Welcome to this online event.  In this video, I will show you how to engage in text-based chats with other attendees.  

First, complete the one-time account creation process using an email address or LinkedIn account. 

Next, create an event registration form.  This information will create a profile to be shared during chat. 

After registering, check the confirmation and reminder emails for details on logging into the event. 

Mark your calendar.  The date and time of the event will be the only time to chat live with other attendees. 

When ready to attend, use the link in the reminder emails to log in.  Review the instructional slideshow for some tips on participating. 

Exit the slideshow to enter the event lobby.  The lobby displays the different booths to chat with participants. 

Enter the booth and click the green button to be placed in line to chat. 

Return to the lobby and repeat this process with any other booths that interest you. 

When another participant becomes available, a one-on-one chat will automatically begin. 

On the right side of the screen, information about the participant is displayed.  Introduce yourself and get the conversation started. 

Chats are limited in length so use your time wisely.  When away from the window, a sound will signal that a new chat has arrived.  Set a custom greeting that will be automatically sent when each chat begins.  In certain events, you may be able to set a preference for simultaneous chats, allowing more than one chat at a time.  A chat ends when the time runs out or one of the participants ends it.  Be sure to wrap up before time expires.  Afterwards, rate a chat, store some notes, and review a transcript.  This information is private and can be used to help plan follow-up.  Click Save to continue to chat with other attendees. 

Need to step away?  Toggling the status will help save your place in line, but you will not be placed into chat with other participants.  After the event, review ratings and notes by visiting History at the top of screen.  The history is available for 6 months.  Simply return to the event page and log in to view it. 

Update your chat profile any time prior to or during the event by visiting registration. 

That’s it!  Now you’re ready.  Enjoy the event!


[This text is being provided in a lightly edited draft format to facilitate communication accessibility and may not be a totally verbatim record of the proceedings]