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Archived Webinars:
Field Experience

Marketing Yourself for Counseling Field Experience Opportunities

Updates to the webinar:

  • The email addresses for the SOC-OFE are:
    Master’s Students:
    Doctoral Students:
  • Residency has been replaced with Pre-Practicum.
  • The current Field Experience Director is Dr. Susan Carmichael
  • The MS in Mental Health Counseling program is now MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
  • The MS in Career Counseling program is no longer offered.

Locating Counseling Field Experience Sites

Updates to the webinar:

Communicating With Potential Counseling Field Sites

Updates to the webinar:

Locating and Contacting Social Work Field (Internship) Sites

Tailoring Your Resume for MSW Field Experience

Marketing Yourself for MSW Field Experience Opportunities

Preparing and Applying for Your Psychology Field Experience

Communicating With Potential Psychology Field Sites

Marketing Yourself for Public Health Practicum Opportunities

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