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About Career Planning and Development:
Services & Guidelines

Services and Guidelines

We provide the following services and resources:

  • A website featuring links to job and internship opportunities, sample resumes and cover letters, networking and interviewing strategies, webinars, student success stories, and other resources; 
  • An overview of our services, via webinar; 
  • One-on-one advising where you and a Career Advisor collaborate to set action steps tailored to meet your specific goals; 
  • Live webinars on a variety of career-related topics which are archived for viewing 24/7; 
  • Online networking and drop-in advising events;
  • GoinGlobal job and internship search tools with U.S. based and global listings;
  • An OptimalResume career management system for students and alumni to build resumes, cover letters, career portfolios; and practice mock interviewing skills;
  • A Walden University Career Planning and Development LinkedIn group to connect you with other Walden students and alumni for professional networking and sharing career information; 
  • A blog, Twitter, and Facebook presence to publicize our offerings and articles of interest.

Regarding our advising services, we highly recommend that students and alumni first view the 30–minute Discover Career Planning Resources webinar to become oriented to our services.  After that, they may schedule three one-on-one telephone appointments over a three month period.  Only one appointment reservation is permitted during a 24-hour period.

One-on-one Telephone Advising Appointments

Same day cancellations and no shows cost other students appointment slots; therefore, they are considered appointments for the purpose of this guideline.  We use appointments to educate each individual with tools and strategies that they may implement independently, with a periodic check-in with a career services advisor as needed.  

Due to the scientific studies showing a higher risk of car accidents from talking on a cell phone while one is driving, we do not conduct telephone advising appointments with students while they are driving motor vehicles.  If you are driving a motor vehicle at the time of your scheduled appointment, we will ask you to pull over to the side of the road to give our advising conversation your full attention or we will require that your appointment be rescheduled.

Website and Multimedia Instructional Content

The contents of this website were created by Career Planning and Development's professional staff, except where noted. The webinar recordings, videos, blog posts, and other multimedia instructional content, which are housed on various platforms and linked on this website, were also created by the Career Planning and Development's staff. All of this content is copyrighted by Walden University. The informational and instructional resources are made available online under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Creative Commons License

Please feel free to use, reuse, copy, and distribute the instructional content on our pages! We ask that you simply include a statement acknowledging us as the creators of the content and link to the Creative Commons license. Sample statement:

This instructional content was created by the Walden University Career Planning and Development and is reused under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The images are copyrighted by the respective photographers and creators; please contact us if you are interested in reusing these images.

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