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8x8 Softphone Guide: Using the 8x8 softphone


There are a number of features within the 8x8 softphone that Walden University would like us to ignore for the moment. For example, the 8x8 softphone comes with a built-in chat feature, allowing chat between staff members similar to Skype for Business.  The chat feature will be operational, but not supported by Walden University. There is also the ability to use 8x8 on your personal mobile device with the 8x8 Mobile App, which for the moment is not going to be supported by Walden University IT.  For now, 8x8 Virtual Office is being officially used only as our laptop-based business phone.

Log in to your 8x8 softphone


  1. From the Start menu select 8x8 - Virtual Office
  2. On the login screen click Log in using SSO

  3. login screen

  4. Enter your Walden University account credentials (the same credentials used to access your email) to access your 8x8 softphone.


Phone basics

Your 8x8 softphone's home screen presents several options.

  • To make a call, use the Phone icon.
  • To see contacts, use the Contacts (people) icon.
  • To view and change settings, use the More ... icon.


On the home screen, the icons are displayed below the search box.


Finding contacts and making calls

If you are calling someone outside of the company (e.g., a student or a vendor):

  1. Select the Phone icon
  2. Click the blue dial-pad button in the lower-right corner of the app.
  3. After clicking the button you will be presented with a number pad and you can enter the phone number. Note: there is no need to dial '9' before making an outbound call.
  4. Once you enter the number you then press the green button to place the call.

If you are calling someone within Walden University:

  1. Enter the staff member's name in the search box at the top of the 8x8 softphone app.
  2. As you begin typing the staff member's name you will see it appear in the results list below the search box.

  3. Below the search box, the staff member's name will display, followed by a phone icon. Click the phone icon to place a call to this staff member.

Making an international call

If you are unsure how to make an international call please refer to the following website for instructions:

You will be asked to select which country you are trying to call, and you will be provided with instructions for how to make your specific international call.

Calls from the USA/Canada:

    For calls to most countries dial the following: 011 + country code + phone number
    For calls to countries within the North American Numbering Plan dial: 1 + area code + 7 digit local number, same as dialing a US state to state call

Calls from any country:

    For calls from any country please dial: your country's exit code + destination country code + phone number


To access voicemail you need to have Phone selected.  The option for  Voicemails will then display. Click the Voicemails button to view any voicemails you have received.

Adjust account settings

You can adjust various settings within 8x8:

  1. Click on the More ... icon

  2. Select Settings from the list (it's all that will be available)
  3. Choose the type of setting you would like to adjust. Options available from Settings include Profile, Audio & Video, Notifications, Contacts, Account Settings, and Calendar for meetings.

Note: the Account Settings option allows you to access additional settings:

  1. Click Account Settings to see additional options.
  2. From the list displayed, click on the Advanced Account Settings link.

  3. These account settings will be displayed on your browser. You will be asked to log into the Configuration Manager, and this can be done using the Single Sign On (SSO) option.