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CAEX Faculty:
Will Verrone, PhD



About Me

Research Interests: Film aesthetics, criticism, and history; writing pedagogy; online learning

Social Change Interests: Animal rights; volunteerism; women’s rights

Joined Walden: 2016

Location: Alabama

About Will: I earned my Ph.D. from Temple University in English and Film Studies and have been teaching composition, film, and literature for 23 years.  I have published two books, numerous book chapters, and several peer-reviewed articles, as well as presented my research at conferences all over the United States.  I enjoy teaching adult learners and am excited about the opportunities available at Walden.  Outside the world of academia, I enjoy playing music (I play guitar, violin, banjo, trombone, and keyboard), collecting music and movies, painting, reading, and traveling, and more than anything, playing with my incredibly intelligent, funny, and fantastically imaginative daughter when she is here with me.

My Advice to Walden Students

Continuously strive to be the best student, person, and social-conscious individual you can be, forging trails to make yourself and your family proud,
while maintaining a humble yet eager thirst for knowledge through every endeavor you undertake.

My Role as a Teacher

Why I enjoy teaching at Walden:

I enjoy teaching because it allows me to share my knowledge with students who are taking similar journeys that I once did by engaging in academic discourse and scholarly writing, theoretical study, and specific interaction through discussion and other communication channels to enlighten and encourage them to follow their academic and career goals.

What students can expect from me as a teacher:

As an instructor, students can expect I will offer my full support to their academic work, provide a sense of ease for their struggles and hard work, and engage them in rewarding challenges and thoughtful exchange of ideas, while always providing a good sense of humor along the way.

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