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CAEX Faculty:
Sarah Inkpen, EdD


About Me

Research Interests: Robotics; sea turtles

Social Change Interests: Working at changing lecture mode to hands on engagement; collaboration in post-secondary statistics classes in the Middle East

Joined Walden: 2013

Location:  Panama

About Sarah: My passions are mathematics, statistics, technology, and education. Statistics and quantitative methods are my specialties!  I taught at the University College of the Cayman Islands in 2004.  Now at the College of the North Atlantic in Qatar, I have taught a wide array of math courses here over the past 10 years.  I have worked in Walden’s Academic Skills Center since 2013. I have a B.Math from the University of Waterloo, MEd from Brock University, and an EdD from Walden University. Getting my first degree in the 1970s and my last in 2016 makes me the poster child for lifelong learning and education!


 Dr. Sarah Inkpen on Being an International Student, Learning Online, & Tutoring for the ASC (Podcast)

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My Advice to Walden Students

Enjoy the journey!  There is so much pleasure derived from continuous learning,
don’t cheat yourself out of this pleasure by focusing only on the finish line.

My Experience as a Walden Student

I was a Walden student.  I graduated in 2016.  I enjoyed the whole experience.  Even now I surprise myself that I took this journey but I don’t have an iota of regret.

My Role as a Teacher

Why I enjoy teaching at Walden:

I love teaching especially statistics and mathematics because so many people dislike both areas of study.  I believe it is because they don’t understand it or see it’s beauty.  I want to share my love if the subject and help remove the stress.

My teaching philosophy

My teaching philosophy is that students learn from their experiences.  The key to good instruction is making that connection for the students.

Sarah Inkepn
Sarah Inkpen

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