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CAEX Faculty:
Katherine Emmons, PhD




About Me

Research Interests:  Children’s literature; family literacy; environmental education; international education

Social Change Interests: Environment; literacy; diversity

Joined Walden:  2007

Location: California

About Kate: I have taught online since 2000, and have chaired over twenty-five dissertation committees.  My passion with my work at Walden is helping see graduate writing projects take shape — I especially enjoy seeing those first seeds of research ideas get planted and grow to completion. I have multidisciplinary and international experience, and have lived in Germany, Jamaica, Belize, Middle East, China, and South Africa.  My husband and I still love to experience living other countries, but are mostly drawn to our long time homes in Southern California and Cape Town, South Africa (where he is from).  My most recent research explores the literacy experiences of Arab teacher education students. A few years ago I ran a small Writing Center at a British university in China-- it was a wonderful mix of my favorite experiences in travel and work, and rewarding way to explore both. I love creative writing (especially for children) as much as I love academic writing, so I'm experienced in helping students transition between genres if they need to.

My Advice to Walden Students

Specific advice is to keep up. Avoid falling behind, and if you do, catch up!  Don't hesitate, but get in there and embrace the learning. 
As you learn, allow yourself to grow your expertise!  The way to do this is to read widely and critically on your topic.
You'll find that as you do, you'll be able to write about your topic with expertise. 
In this process your confidence will grow along with your content knowledge and writing skill. 

My Role as a Teacher

Why I enjoy teaching at Walden:

I enjoy teaching because of the growth I see in students, particularly the intersection of critical reading, writing skills, and content knowledge.

What students can expect from me as a teacher

As an instructor, students can expect that I will work with them toward their success.  In writing, I will meet them wherever they are struggling and provide some steps and strategies to get to the next level

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