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CAEX Faculty:
Jolan Bishop, MA



Jolan Bishop

About Me

Research Interests: Using student media/voices for social change

Social Change Interests: Parental leave

Joined Walden: 2017

Location: Iowa

About Jolan: I have been teaching college-level English since 2003 and started teaching online in 2008.  In 2017, I joined Walden as a contributing faculty member.  I earned my MA in English at Youngstown State University, my MAT in Secondary Teaching from Kaplan University, my MEd in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University, and my MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (History, Political Science, and Writing) from Western New Mexico University.  Presently, I work as an at-risk teacher, online learning coordinator, and new educator mentor for a public school district.  In addition to teaching, I enjoy writing, traveling, and spending time with my husband and daughters.  I am also a Girl Scout troop leader and after school program mentor.


Bishop, J. (2016,  November).  Student Voices for Social Change.  Presentation at JEA/NSPA National Convention, Indianapolis, IN.

My Advice to Walden Students

Make use of all the resources available to you.  You have so many opportunities to learn, grow, and create change!

My Experience as a Walden Student

My experience as a Walden student has given me an appreciation of the Tempo Learning program and its advantages for students.

My Role as a Teacher

Why I enjoy teaching at Walden

 I feel that I can make a real difference in the personal, academic, and professional lives of my students.

What student can expect from me as a teacher:

 To support them as they work toward their goals, in and out of the classroom.

Photo by Jolan Bishop
Photo by Jolan Bishop
Photo by Jolan Bishop
Photo by Jolan Bishop
Photo by Jolan Bishop



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