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CAEX Faculty:
Hillary Wentworth, MFA


Hillary Wentworth


About Me

Research Interests: Anxiety and psychological factors in writing; efficacy of asynchronous writing feedback

Social Change Interests: Race and gender equity; arts and writing programs

Joined Walden: 2010

Location: Maine

About Hillary: I joined Walden in 2010 as a writing instructor in the Writing Center. I now serve as a contributing faculty member in the Office of Academic Support and as a learning architect developing Walden’s academic programs. I hold a BA in English from the University of New Hampshire and an MFA in creative writing from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. I live in Maine with my husband and young son.


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‚ÄčNastachowski, B., Wentworth, H., & Philbrook, J. (2017, July). The continuity of care model: First-year doctoral writing support. Session presented at the Walden's National Faculty Meeting. 

Wentworth, H. & Stekel, S. (2019). Empowering developing scholars: Using skills tutorials in the classroom. Session presented at the Walden Winter National Faculty Meeting. 

Social Change Project: Helping teens write their college admissions essays.

My Advice to Walden Students

Be curious. Be curious about the world, other people, a new word you don’t quite know the meaning of.
Approach a required reading or writing project with openness and the possibility that you will discover something about yourself or something that may transform you.

My Role as a Teacher

Why I enjoy teaching at Walden

Walden students are amazing human beings who are making this world better. If I get to contribute in some small way to their ability to effect change, I am honored.  

What students can expect from me as a teacher

I will be present and listen to their message, respectfully communicate feedback, and celebrate growth. Writing can be hard, but it can also be so rewarding!

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