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CAEX Faculty:
Christy Fraenza, PhD


About Me

Research Interests: Cultural differences in online learning; imposter phenomenon; first-generation college students

Social Change Interests: Animal protection; equal pay

Joined Walden: 2015

Location: Pennsylvania

About Christy: As a contributing faculty member within the Academic Skills Center, I enjoy supporting doctoral students as they work to complete their dissertations. I have my PhD in General Psychology (Educational Track) from Walden. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, painting ceramics, and spending time with my family and many pets.


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​Allwright, J., Fraenza, C., Rye, T. (2019). Holistic customer care in the Academic Skills Center: How supporting student well-being impacts students and faculty. Session presented at the Innovative Teaching Practices Showcase at Walden’s Winter National Faculty Meeting.

My Advice to Walden Students

Go outside of your comfort zone while completing your program. Whether you’re uncomfortable with a certain technology or asking for help,
go beyond any fears you have and try new things along the way. 

My Experience as a Walden Student

I started my journey with Walden back in 2007 when I entered the PhD program in General Psychology (Educational Track) with only my bachelor’s degree. I earned my master’s degree in 2010, and then my PhD in 2014. While in my program, I got the chance to serve as a graduate assistant within the Academic Skills Center.

After graduation, I jumped at the chance to return to Walden, first as a contributing faculty member for the Doctoral Writing Workshops here in SKIL and then as full-time staff in my role as the Coordinator of the Doctoral Peer Mentor Program. I have enjoyed all of my experiences so much at Walden that I’m currently pursuing another master’s degree, this time in higher education. 

My Role as a Teacher

Why I enjoy teaching at Walden

As a Walden graduate, I enjoy teaching the doctoral writing workshops because I like to support other learners on their doctoral journey. It’s very fulfilling to see students make progress with their research, whether it’s finishing a chapter of the dissertation, becoming more confident in their skills, or overcoming writer’s block.

I also love research, so I truly enjoy getting to read student drafts and learn about so many different areas of interest. I always learn something new when I teach, and I’m always so impressed with the level of passion students have for social change.

What students can expect from me as a teacher

As a teacher, you can expect me to be positive, engaged, and encouraging. We will focus on writing, and I will give you support and detailed feedback to help you make progress. However, I know a big part of the doctoral journey is also overcoming challenges when it comes to motivation. I will do my best to push you and keep you moving forward!

Christy Fraenza and family
Christy Fraenza
Christy Fraenza and family
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