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MMSL 6175 Managing, Mediating, and Resolving Conflict: Welcome & Course Readings

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MMSL 6175 Course Readings

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Buschlen, E. L., & Reusch, J. (2016). The assessment of service through the lens of social change leadership: A phenomenological approach. Journal of College & Character, 17(2), 82–100. doi:10.1080/2194587X.2016.1159224  

Conerly, K., & Tripathi, A. (2004). What is your conflict style? Understanding and dealing with your conflict style. Journal for Quality & Participation, 27(2), 16–20.  

Evans, C., & Richardson, M. (2010). How to negotiate effectively. British Journal of Administrative Management, 69, 32−33. 

Hagemann, B., & Stroope, S. (2012). Conflict management: Lessons from the second grade. Talent Development, 66(7), 58–61.

Johnson, D. W., & Johnson, R. T. (2014). Constructive controversy as a means of teaching citizens how to engage in political discourse. Policy Futures in Education, 12(3), 417–430. doi:10.2304/pfie.2014. 

Joni, S.-N., & Beyer, D. (2009). How to pick a good fight. Harvard Business Review, 87(12), 48–57. 

Kaczmarek, D. S. (2010). Pulling back the curtain on “getting to yes.” Healthcare Purchasing News, 34(5), 64. 

Milkman, R. (2017). A new political generation: Millennials and the post-2008 wave of protest. American Sociological Review, 82(1), 1–31. doi:10.1177/0003122416681031 

Thomas, K. W., Thomas, G. F., & Schaubhut, N. (2008). Conflict styles of men and women at six organization levels. International Journal of Conflict Management, 19(2), 148–166. doi:10.1108/10444060810856085 

Yu, L., & Zellmer-Bruhn, M. (2018). Introducing team mindfulness and considering its safeguard role against conflict transformation and social undermining. Academy of Management Journal, 61(1), 324–347. 

Other Readings

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