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Field Experience: School of Psychology: Ph.D. Psychology Application Forms

Student will now be applying for their field experience in Meditrek.

Meditrek, a product of HSoft Corporation, is a user-friendly online tool that will help you apply for, track, and manage your field experience.   

Students just starting their field work or those continuing are required to use Medtrek to apply for their practicum or internship, on a quarterly basis. 

Meditrek will help you:

  • Apply for your practicum or internship.
  • Collaborate more effectively with faculty and site supervisors.
  • Track your time spent at your field site (log hours).
  • Provide documentation of your experience to potential employers or licensure boards.
  • Provide a storage space for your quarterly evaluations.
  • Access the system 24 hours a day from anywhere with an Internet connection, including your computer, tablet, and smartphone, even after you graduate.

Please click on the Meditrek tab to the left to learn more and/or reach out to the field office for more information.

Student Malpractice Insurance Certificate

You can go to

to obtain insurance for about $35.  The Field Placement Coordinator for your program requires that students obtain insurance from the website noted here to ensure that they have adequate coverage for the field experience.

Purchase Student Malpractice Insurance

Student malpractice insurance is required for the practicum. Students who maintain professional liability insurance as licensed counselors or other mental health professionals should note that this type of insurance would not substitute for student malpractice insurance. The American Professional Agency and the American Psychological Association Insurance Trust provide malpractice insurance for graduate psychology students. Students may contact the American Professional Agency and ask for the student department or visit the American Psychological Association Insurance Trust Web site. The practicum site and the university do not have to be approved by the American Psychological Association to obtain student insurance for the practicum. Students are required to secure at least $1 million/3 million dollars for your limit of liability coverage.

Site Supervisor's Resume/CV

Students are required to submit a copy of the proposed site supervisor’s résumé or curriculum vitae (CV) as part of the complete application packet. The résumé or CV should include the following information:

  • Detailed employment history, including description of job duties.
  • The proposed field experience site must be listed on the résumé or CV to show that the site supervisor is currently employed by the field experience site.
  • The résumé or CV should also show the populations that the supervisor has worked with, to ensure that the supervisor has at least 3 years of experience with the population that is to be served during the field experience.
  • Educational background, including degrees and dates
  • Licensure

Photo-Copy or appropriate State website copy of Site Supervisor’s License

Students are required to submit a copy of the proposed site supervisor’s current license, verifying they are licensed in the state you plan to complete your field experience.

You can either obtain a new copy from your supervisor or do a GOOGLE SEARCH for License Verifications, type in “Psychology License Verification ‘state’” and take a snap shot save.

Student's Resume/CV

Students must submit their current résumé or CV as part of the application packet.

Students should visit the Career Services Center website for guidance in creating a résumé and/or CV.

Practicum/Internship Site Training Manual Templates

Please provide a copy of your site's field training manual.  If your site doesn't currently have a manual, you can use the templates below to create one.

Field Experience at Work Site Form


The Field Experience at Work Site form is only to be completed by a student applying to use his/her place of employment as a placement site for their practicum or internship. It is crucial to understand that such an arrangement will only be authorized when there is a clear differentiation between the students paid work hours and field work. A student’s work site may be approved only if the student’s employer is willing and able to meet all field criteria and requirements.    

In Meditrek, students must indicates they are an employee of the field site in the affiliation agreement section. Once they complete that and hit submit, the section for the work form appears which gives them the link to the form. If the student has not yet indicated she/he is an employee OR she/he doesn't select that option, the work form option will not appear in her application.

Consortium Description Form

Please complete this form if you are completing your practicum or internship at two sites.  This form is required within your Meditrek application when applying for field work. 

Assumption of Risk Form

Please complete this form if you are applying for your internship and you have only selected one site supervisor.  It is imperative that you check with your state board for your supervision requirements for licensure.

This form is required within your Meditrek application when applying for your internship.