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Field Experience: School of Psychology: M.S. in Forensic Psychology Application Forms

Field Experience Application Process

Step one:  Secure a site

Step two:  Once you have a site secured, we request that you email Dr. Deanna Deaton, field coordinator for this program (, and run your plan by her to make sure it sounds like a good fit.  Once you hear back from her, please reach out to the Senior Field Education Coordinator (SFEC), Jennifer Hanson ([email protected]), with Dr. Deaton's written approval.

Step three: MS Forensic Psychology Letter of Agreement Form

This form is required to begin your field experience.  Students will need to obtain the name and email address of the contact person at their proposed Field Experience site and send this to the field office ([email protected]).  The SFEC will then reach out to the site to obtain their signature on this contract between Walden University and the site.  Students are only involved in providing the contact information, not in obtaining the signature, which is solely done by the field office.  

Step four:  COVID-19 Acknowledgement Waiver

Student will need to review and sign this form if they are planning to complete their Field Experience on site. 

Step five: The field office will register everyone who has submitted the two documents explained above.  Once registered, you will have access to your classroom where you will be an active student participating in discussions and coursework alongside your FE activity, whereby you are accruing your 60 required hours.  

Deadline:  There is no real deadline other than making sure you have communicated with both Dr. Deaton and Jennifer Hanson and received pre-approval for the site you have selected, and all paperwork has been submitted, before the quarter starts so that you are registered appropriately.