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Field Experience: School of Psychology: M.S. in Forensic Psychology Application Forms

Field Experience Application Process

Step one:  Secure a site

Step two:  Once you have a site secured, we request that you email Dr. Barbara deVelasco (, field experience coordinator and faculty for this program, and run your plan by her to make sure it sounds like a good fit.  Once you hear back from her, reach out to the Senior Field Education Coordinator, Jennifer Hanson (, with Dr. Barbara deVelasco's written approval, and Jennifer will get you registered.  

Step three: Field Experience Setting Affiliation Agreement Form

The Field Experience Setting Affiliation Agreement Form is due the fourth day of the first week of the registered quarter.  This form requires an electronic signature from the Field Experience Setting Coordinator before being submitted to the Seminar Instructor via drop box.  

Note: Please attend to obtaining the signature well in advance of the quarter start as if it can’t be signed by the start of the term you are planning to start, then you will have to switch into the Capstone Project as this is a required document for this degree program. Please let me know if you have any questions about this process.

Step four:  You are registered and active in the class and obtaining your hours at your field site. 

Deadline:  There is no real deadline other than making sure you have communicated with both Dr. Barbara deVelasco and Jennifer Hanson and received pre-approval for the site you have selected before the quarter starts so that you are registered appropriately and that you are in class the first week to submit the Field Experience Setting Affiliation Agreement Form.