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Tele-therapy Services


Next steps:

  1. When applying in Meditrek, one of the forms titled "COVID-19" will be displayed and will ask if you will be providing tele-therapy services at your site.  If you are, you will need to download the "Psychology Tele-therapy Questionnaire" document and then have your supervisor complete this form and send it back to you.  Once you have the form signed and completed, you can simply upload it into your Meditrek application under the correct "Documents to Upload" section.
  2. We will review and hopefully approve your application and then you can begin using tele-therapy services at your site.
  3. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at [email protected].

Thank you!

Students are required to receive appropriate training and supervision prior to providing telehealth services.  You must review this presentation prior to being granted permission to provide telehealth.

School of Psychology

Welcome to the School of Psychology Field Experience Web Site.  

Choose your program on the left for detailed information about your field experience requirements.


In alignment with the missions of Walden University, the College of Allied Health, and the Central Office of Field Experience, the School of Psychology Office of Field Experience serves all psychology programs by nurturing adult learners to apply their skills as scholar-practitioners in culturally and contextually diverse opportunities. 

The university’s mission includes broad access to high-quality postsecondary education through a distance-learning environment and preparation of its graduates to achieve professional excellence and to effect positive social change. Consistent with this mission, the Psychology program is designed to prepare scholar-practitioners to meet real-world challenges and facilitate positive change in individuals, groups, organizations, and local, national, and global communities.

Specifically, the program prepares lifelong learners to integrate psychological theory, research, established methods of scientific inquiry, and evidence-based practices that incorporate cultural and individual diversity. The School of Psychology training model encompasses an integrated, developmental, and sequential plan of study that includes web-based and face-to-face coursework; residencies that provide opportunities for knowledge and skill acquisition, ethical practice, and professional socialization; field training; and demonstration of research competency.

NEWS: MEDITREK has launched for the psychology program!

Meditrek, a product of HSoft Corporation, is a user-friendly online tool that will help you apply for, track, and manage your field experience.   

Students just starting their field work or those continuing are required to use Medtrek to apply for their practicum or internship, on a quarterly basis. 

Meditrek will help you:

  • Apply for your practicum or internship.
  • Collaborate more effectively with faculty and site supervisors.
  • Track your time spent at your field site (log hours).
  • Provide documentation of your experience to potential employers or licensure boards.
  • Provide a storage space for your quarterly evaluations.
  • Access the system 24 hours a day from anywhere with an Internet connection, including your computer, tablet, and smartphone, even after you graduate.

Please click on the Meditrek tab to the left to learn more and/or reach out to the field office for more information.

TIP OF THE MONTH: New search engine for SITE LISTS via Meditrek

Site Lists - Meditrek Data Base

To access this list, please log-in to Meditrek and go to "Search Affiliation Agreements" and then fill out the appropriate search parameter fields for your needs.  You will then be able to obtain a list of sites to peruse for your field placement in the areas you choose (location, program, etc.).  

Note: you may want to uncheck the box that states, “Limit Results to Sites previously used by this School” to provide more options, as well, you can choose a search radius in miles from your zip code.


Disclaimer: Please Read:

This database includes all the active agreements that Walden University has with various field sites for programs throughout the university. Walden actively pursues affiliation agreements with new field sites whenever possible, so please contact the appropriate field experience representative for your program to discuss options if your desired field site is not listed here. Some field sites may not be appropriate for some programs/specializations and an active agreement between Walden and the field site will not require a site to take on any particular Walden student, as space and programs may be limited. You will need to work directly with the field site to ensure their willingness and ability to take you on as a student during the time period that aligns with your course. You will also need to complete the application process as required for your program - the presence of an active agreement with a field site does not imply an automatic approval of your field experience plans.



APPIC does not accept students from non-APA schools for their Phase I or Phase II match process.  However, Walden students are eligible for the post-match option.  If you go to the APPIC site, Walden is listed on their “Post-Match Vacancy Service.”   You can look at the list of universities, and you’ll see Walden.  Walden students are eligible for this option only. 

Here the website for PMVS:



Application Deadlines

The next application deadline is September 1, 2023, for a Winter 2023 Practicum/Internship start.

Students just starting their field work or those continuing will need to apply via Meditrek on a quarterly basis. 

The deadlines are as follows:

Application Due

To Begin Field Experience

June 1

Fall term

September 1

Winter term

December 1

Spring term

March 1

Summer term

These deadlines apply to the PhD Psychology and MS in Clinical Psychology degree programs only, not the MS in Forensic Psychology program.