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SOC-OFE Site Supervisors: Site Supervisor Responsibilities

School of Counseling Site Supervisor Guide


The Site Supervisor Guide contains helpful information for providing supervision to counseling students at Walden Universityincluding:

♦  Weekly guide for site supervisors

♦  Contact information

♦  Field experience policies

Site Supervisor Responsibilities

Site Supervisor Responsibilities

Site supervisors are responsible for the following:

  • Providing a mentoring relationship and an educational opportunity to assist counseling work as well as to orient the student into the profession.
  • Providing at least 1 continuous hour of live, in-person or videoconference individual or triadic (a maximum of one additional student) supervision each week of the quarter (i.e., Weeks 1–10). Group supervision cannot be substituted for the individual or triadic onsite supervision requirement.
  • Reviewing and accepting the student’s field experience application in Meditrek and completing additional documentation in Meditrek as required to complete the application process.
  • Completing a site supervisor orientation prior to the start of the student’s field experience.
  • Reviewing the required audio or video recordings or fulfilling an alternative observation method, as determined by the director of field experience.
  • Completing evaluations of the student in Meditrek by the designated deadlines and assisting with the completion of other program documentation (e.g., Individual Field Experience Plan and time log).
  • Attending a mid-quarter teleconference “site visit.”
  • Corresponding with the faculty supervisor in biweekly communication (if applicable) or as needed to coordinate supervision efforts to support the student.
  • For all MS students as well as unlicensed PhD-CES students: Remaining on site at all times while the student is seeing clients, for the safety and welfare of the clients and students; or
  • Assigning a site-approved designee (see below) that meets School of Counseling program requirements to be on site in the event that the Walden-approved site supervisor is not available when the student is seeing clients.