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SOC-OFE Masters Students: Application Process Overview

Field Experience Application Process Overview

1.  Secure a field site

  • Students are required to secure an appropriate site and site supervisor for field experience
  • Use the Site Search Resources and ask for help if you need it!
  • Complete any application and/or interview process as required by the field site.

2.  Prepare field experience application materials

  • Complete all of the required forms and obtain necessary documents prior to submitting your application in Meditrek
  • Work with your site supervisor to complete/obtain*:
    • Field Experience Learning Agreement
    • Site Supervision Contract
    • Site Supervisor's Resume/SV
  • Secure Professional Liability Insurance
  • If you are using a regular employment position to fulfill field experience requirements, obtain a copy of your Job Description
  • Complete a Counseling Work Sample, if required
    • Counseling Work Samples are required of any student who has not satisfactorily completed a professional practice experience (residency/pre-practicum or field experience course) for longer than 2 years prior to the start of the field experience.
    • Contact the SOC-OFE for assistance for assistance with determining if a Clinical Work Sample is required for you.

*We recommend that you set up a time to meet with your site supervisor in person to complete the Field Experience Learning Agreement and Site Supervision Contract.

3.  Submit Application

4.  SOCHS-OFE Review of Application

  • Program faculty will review your site supervisor and the details of your field experience to determine the fit of your proposed field experience with program requirements.
    • You may be asked for additional information and/or revisions, so it is imperative that you monitor your Walden email closely.
  • The SOC-OFE operations coordinator will determine if Walden University has a current Affiliation Agreement with your proposed field site and will contact your field site to establish a new agreement, if needed.
  • The SOC-OFE operations coordinator will perform an Eligibility Audit to ensure that the prerequisite requirements for the field experience have been met.
  • Program faculty will review your Counseling Work Sample, if required, and you will receive your evaluation results via email.
  • You will receive final approval decision via Walden email.