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SOC-OFE Doctoral Students: Communicating with Potential Field Sites

Communicating With Potential Counseling Field Sites

Updates to the webinar:

Tips for Reaching Out to Potential Sites

It can be intimidating to initially reach out to a potential field site, but your perseverance will pay off in the end! We recommend reaching out in a different way if you do not get a response on your first attempt (i.e. a phone call if you do not get a response via email after waiting an appropriate length of time). Please find some tips below to assist you in knowing how to prepare and what to say when reaching out:

General Tips:

  • Do your homework: make sure you brush up on what the Walden requirements are and how this placement would fit those requirements. Also, make sure to do some background research on the site!
  • Make an appointment with Career Services for additional insight and tips
  • Say "Thank you!"

Via Email:

  • Optimal Resume: check out sample letters in the Letter Builder under "Field Experience Inquiry"
  • Proofread: Make sure your spelling and punctuation are correct!
  • Let the site know why you are interested in them in particular - what is it about them that makes you excited to be a part of it?
  • How would you contribute? How would your knowledge and experience help you make a good addition to the site?

Via Phone:

  • Know who to contact: If the site does not have a direct number for internship inquiries, you would need to state what you are interested in and ask for the appropriate contact person.
    • Example: "Hello, my name is ____ and I am interested in a (practicum/internship) at (site name) for the (quarter). Do you know who I might speak to?"
  • Be prepared: have a good sense of what you are going to say before picking up the phone (see tips above).
  • Take a deep breath and envision this first contact going well.
  • Be sure to leave a voice message if you do not get an answer. Let them know what you are interested in and what the start date for your potential field experience would be. Give contact information.

Information to Provide to Prospective Field Sites

It will be important to communicate your program's requirements with your prospective field sites to ensure that they can meet your needs. You should review the Field Experience Manual to ensure that you are prepared to effectively communicate the requirements. Below are some resources that might be helpful to provide as well.

Marketing Yourself for Counseling Field Experience Opportunities

Updates to the webinar:

  • The email addresses for the SOC-OFE are:
    Master’s Students:
    Doctoral Students:
  • Residency has been replaced with Pre-Practicum.
  • The current Field Experience Director is Dr. Jason Patton
  • The MS in Mental Health Counseling program is now MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
  • The MS in Career Counseling program is no longer offered.