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Counseling Student Program Guide

The Counseling Student Program Guide contains information about all the counseling preparation programs in the School of Counseling. Use this guide as a resource as you progress through their educational experience at Walden University, as it contains essential information for successful completion of academic programs.

Counseling Office of Certification, Licensure, and Compliance

The Office of Certification, Licensure, & Compliance (OCLC) assists students and graduates with most counseling licensure, certification, and compliance questions. They process certain certification, licensure-related, and miscellaneous documentation by request. Students nearing the end of their counseling degree program or graduates who have questions or need assistance with educational verification or field experience hours verification should reach out to the OCLC.

SOC Personal Social Justice Resource Toolbox

The Social Justice Toolbox is a collection of resources to help individuals approach social justice through historical context and personal narratives. Ideas are provided in how to enhance social justice advocacy in communities, organizations, classrooms and clinical practices as well as how to build community with others involved in social justice advocacy.