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Counseling Licensure and Credentialing

The counseling masters’ programs are all CACREP accredited. The programs may meet or exceed requirements for licensure in most states where licensure or certification is available; however, not all the counseling programs are license-eligible, and states have varying requirements for licensure and certification for each program. If you are seeking licensure or certification in a specific state you are responsible for ensuring your program meets the necessary requirements. Additionally, you are responsible for checking with your state licensure board throughout your program for updates.

State Education Specialization

Some states require coursework beyond your program's requirements. The State Education Specialization allows currently enrolled students to add these courses or additional credits to their program of study.

State Education Specialization Request Form (Opens in Meditrek)

For assistance with course offerings, contact Student Success Advising.

Verifications for Licensure or Certification

All board form requests must be submitted via Meditrek in order to be processed by the Counseling Office of Certification, Licensure, and Compliance.

Verification for Certification & Licensure form (Opens in Meditrek).

Once your request is submitted, you can login to your Meditrek account at any time to see the status of the request. You will also be contacted via email with any updates to your request.


To ensure there are no delays in processing your request, make sure:

  1. You have entered all your time logs and completed enough hours.
  2. Your time logs are signed by your supervisor(s).
  3. You apply for graduation. Your degree will not be conferred until you apply for graduation and your form cannot be completed until your degree is conferred. 


Contact the Counseling Office of Certification, Licensure, and Compliance


Mailing address: Attn: Counseling Licensure 
Walden University
100 Washington Avenue South, Suite 1210
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Questions about degree conferral? Email:

Questions about transcripts? Email:

Questions about State Education Specialization? Contact Student Success Advising

National Counselor Exam (NCE)

A direct benefit of CACREP accreditation is that students in the master’s in counseling programs will be offered the opportunity to become an NCC by taking and to take the NCE while in the last few quarters of their program. Students in their internship may choose to review orientation materials that will take them through the application process and be scheduled to sit for either an October or April administration of the NCE at a public site near their home. This process offers the following benefits:

  • National certification allows students an important additional credential that signifies to the public that they have met the highest standards of professional preparation.

  • Students have the ability to take the NCE while the material is still fresh, instead of waiting until application for licensure.

  • Certification allows for a graduate’s first credential in applying for employment while awaiting licensure.

  • The NCE is a prerequisite for other certifications that may be desirable; e.g., CCMHC, NCSC, or an approved clinical supervisor (ACS).

  • The NCE is the licensure exam required by the majority of state licensing boards.

If you are eligible, you will receive an invitation directly from NBCC to participate in the administrations of the NCE. A student is “eligible” when they are “well-advanced and are currently enrolled in the program” or in other words, in their field experience courses (either practicum or internship) and that they are not currently involved in a counseling skills plan or a professional development plan.