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SOC-OFE: About Us: Meditrek


Meditrek, a product of HSoft Corporation, is a user-friendly online tool that will help you apply for, track, and manage your field experience. Meditrek will help you:

  • Collaborate more effectively with faculty and site supervisors.
  • Track your time spent at your field site.
  • Provide documentation of your experience to potential employers or licensure boards.
  • Provide an easy and trackable system to submit your field experience applications.
  • Access the system 24 hours a day from anywhere with an Internet connection, including your computer, tablet, and smartphone, even after you graduate.

Meditrek User Guides and Tutorials

*See Appendix A of the Site Supervisor Guide for Meditrek information.

*Note, the information about signing time logs in this tutorial is outdated. Please refer to Appendix A of the Site Supervisor Guide for current information about approving student time logs.