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Social Media: What is LinkedIn?

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the top online professional networking site.  It allows you to connect globally with other professionals, join groups, share ideas and information, follow companies, and search for jobs. It also helps others seeking talent to find you

View our LinkedIn webinars for an overview, and see our tips.

Create an account
Create an account at, and set up your profile to communicate your professional brand and expertise.

Your LinkedIn headline is important as it is the only customizable information people will immediately see in search results and group discussions.  Consider the needs of your target employers and the skills, experiences, and strengths you want to highlight.

Your summary should answer the question, “Tell me about yourself.”  Think about big-picture skills and accomplishments that showcase your expertise in your field, or highlight experience you are gaining to become an expert.

Connect with your network
Once your profile is complete, start connecting with people you already know through work, associations, friends, and family.  Your immediate network is your 1st degree connections, and their connections become your 2nd and 3rd degree connections.  This circle continues to grow as you connect with new people, and it will assist in uncovering new opportunities.

Join groups
Join relevant LinkedIn groups to expand your network, gain subject matter insight, and post articles or comments to showcase your expertise.  Walden University Career Services Center has a LinkedIn group you can join to stay current on upcoming Career Services webinars, read career articles, and pose questions related to career management.

We recommend you join groups in your

  • desired career field
  • Walden degree program
  • professional association(s)
  • alumni group(s)

For additional ideas, identify a mentor or professional in your field and review their LinkedIn profile.  Look at the groups they are participating in and decide if they would be beneficial to you.  

The ultimate Linkedin cheat sheet

The ultimate Linkedin cheat sheet