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Branding: What is an elevator speech?

What is an elevator speech?

Prepare a 30-second speech, the approximate length of time you’d ride on an elevator with someone, to convey who you are, what you are doing professionally, and where you are headed.  Practice your speech to deliver a confident, natural introduction.

The goal of your elevator speech is to lay the groundwork for an interactive, mutually beneficial conversation with your new contact by building on common interests and goals.  As you both share your backgrounds, you may decide to schedule a follow-up conversation, so be sure to exchange contact information. 

Sample elevator speech:

"I'm pursuing my Ed.D, which complements my 10 years of teaching experience with the goal of moving into administration.  I am researching whether increased computer usage affects elementary students' participation in extracurricular activities.  In other words, is Facebook taking kids off the soccer field?"