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EdD Intensive: Overview

I needed time away from my very busy life to write, write, write. At the Intensive, I wrote and edited my proposal for more than 10 hours each day. I also needed to work with an editor to understand some nuances of APA and to get my proposal into top APA shape. …. One month after the Intensive, my proposal has been approved by my committee and URR and I am scheduled for my oral defense. 

Diana Fesmire, EdD Candidate, 2015 intensive participant

EdD Intensives Overview

An EdD doctoral study intensive retreat (EdD DSI) is an optional experience for candidates in the EdD program. Participants will meet in a location to focus on their doctoral study writing with a faculty member and other students who are at similar stages in their EdD capstone writing process. Participants spend every day—and evenings—drafting, receiving on-site faculty feedback, revising, and editing.

Attendees will work directly with experienced faculty members who have expertise in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research design as well as Writing Center Staff to develop and strengthen writing skills required for doctoral study/capstone writing.

Each doctoral study intensive retreat is limited to approximately 20 participants (this is subject to change and depends on location and venue). The ratio of faculty to students ranges from 1:7 – 1:9 in order to allow for individualized attention and immediate feedback.

Group and individual sessions provide detailed information about the requirements consistent with the Walden University doctoral study rubric.  Program content will be specific to the EdD doctoral study writing.  Attendees will spend time writing and meeting with faculty and writing staff members to obtain personalized assistance with their EdD capstone writing.

At the end of each retreat day, participants “check in” with the faculty members on progress made, barriers and facilitators to effective and efficient writing, and goals for the next day. Many participants take full advantage of their time away from home, work, family, and other obligations by continuing to write during the evening.

Participants will also network with peer colleagues who are in the EdD capstone writing process and develop peer writing support groups that often continue to motivate and support each other after the conclusion of the experience.