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Field Experience: School of Psychology: Time Sheets in Meditrek


Meditrek Time Sheet Webinar

Please watch this webinar explaining the process of logging your hours in the Meditrek time sheet before you begin your course.

MEDITREK - Time Sheet FAQs – How to navigate the system

Tips and instructions for how to navigate the time sheets / time logs in Meditrek to track your hours for your practicum or internship.

MEDITREK - Time Sheet Key - How to categorize your hours

The logged hours form is used to account for clinical training activities during your field training. Any training activity should only be recorded once and placed in the category that most accurately describes the activity.  You will want to periodically review the way you are spending your time and discuss your work with your supervisor, and make sure you are obtaining the required direct service experiences and individual supervision. 

Only the time spent meeting specific field training experience goals is to be documented using the logged hours form. The time spent in your field training course cannot be counted within your clinical hours and is not included on this form. Ongoing university teaching activity, Graduate Assistantship responsibilities, residency attendance, and other course-related activities are NOT documented using this form. Travel may not be counted.  Questions about how to document your activities should be addressed to the Field Placement Coordinator in your specialization.