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Field Experience: School of Psychology: Learning Agreements

Learning Agreement Process in Meditrek

1. Student fills out the “Site Supervisor Information” form fully.

2. Once he/she hits the “Submit Supervisor Information” button at the bottom of this page, an email will be sent via Meditrek to the supervisor listed in this section with the Learning Agreement document attached.   

3. Supervisor and student complete it together.

4. Supervisor signs it and sends it to the student via email.

5. Student then uploads the Learning Agreement document into the “Documents to Upload” section in the Application.

6. Student then transposes the information from the Learning Agreement document into the “Learning Agreement Form”.

Note: The supervisors are not to upload anything into Meditrek. They do not have access into Meditrek at this point. They are to just complete the form with the student and then the student uploads it into their application and completes the form.