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Phi Alpha: Board Members

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Olivia Creary

Dr. Olivia Creary has been involved in the field of Social Work for the past 33 years and has worked within the clinical arena, specifically working with the micro and mezzo populations.  Prior to Walden, Dr. Creary worked as a School Social Worker for about 25 years providing services to children and families predominantly in the low socio-economic arena.  For 10 years during that time, she also worked with a mental health agency within the role of “Assessor.” In this role, she met with clients and their families and utilized social work interviewing skills to obtain behavioral, social, and mental health information to be able to adequately identify a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan with the client.  A great deal of Dr. Creary’s work included crisis management and trauma management.  Dr. Creary is fascinated with the idea of understanding and working within mental health as it relates to emotional development, family development, psychopathology, environment stressors and its relationship to human behaviors.  She is currently studying School Social Work as it relates to Attachment theory, parenting, family development and the role this plays in both children and adults within the school and social services system. 

President: Raven Priest


My name is Raven. I am currently an MSW student here at Walden University. I also received my BSW from Walden. I live in a rural area in Arizona. My hobbies are doing arts and crafts and playing video games. One of my goals for my community is to develop a program for the LGBTQ+ youth community. We have no reasons for the LGBTQ+ youth at all in our community. I would like the program to provide safe place where the youth can socialize amongst each other, attend support groups, be linked to resources, and help work with their families so their environment becomes more affirming and inclusive.

Vice President: Rebecca Stover

Greetings, my name is Rebecca Stover. I currently live in southern West Virginia. I received my BSW from the University of Charleston in 2016. I obtained my LSW in 2020 and started the master’s program with Walden University in May 2023. I have worked in the foster care system for the past 6 years. My passion is working with children and families. I am a fierce advocate for autism and domestic violence awareness and suicide prevention and awareness, as I have a personal connection to these three causes. In my spare time I enjoy painting, reading, watching WVU Football with my husband, or creating memories with my children and nieces/nephews.

Secretary: Morgan Erst

My name is Morgan Ernst and I have recently been named the Secretary of the Tau Sigma Chapter of the Phi Alpha Honors Society! I’m in the first year of my MSW program here at Walden University.  I got my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Lebanon Valley College, located in Annville, PA. I played lacrosse in college and was a two-year captain. My sophomore year, my team made it to our conference championship and win the programs first championship! We then went on to win the programs first NCAA tournament game. I currently work as a casework for my county’s Children and Youth Agency. I have a passion for working the child population and helping and resources the enhance families’ lives. I like to exercise and enjoy time with family in my free time, and I also have a cat named Stella. I look forward to being a part of this amazing student organization and can’t wait to continue learning! 

Social Media Officer: Jasmine Mobley


Jasmine is a single mother of two boys. Currently she works as a data analyst at Hoyleston Youth and Family services. She loves to help children and families realize their capacity towards wellness. She is projected to graduate in Summer 2024 and aspires to be a foreign policy social service officer at a U.S. Embassy. Her favorite quote is “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family!


Social Change Officer: Kyosha Randall

Hello, my name is Kyosha Randall, I have recently been named Officer of social change while I am currently Walden University to obtain a bachelor’s in social work. My pronouns are She/Her; I love to help any and everyone no matter gender, color, or culture. My passion is to use my power of helping people and spread it and help the world become one again. I love to cuddle with my cats and spend time with my family because family is important. Graduation forecasted for Summer of 2025. Aspiring to become a traveling Social Worker as well as get my doctorate in Social Work. My favorite Quote is “Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.


Lisa Moon, BSW Faculty Mentor

My name is Dr. Lisa Moon and I have been in the field of social work for 32 years. I have a BSW from the University of Louisiana-Monroe, a MSW from the University of Southern Mississippi and a PhD in Social Work from Louisiana State University. I have worked in child protection, medical social work, and the mental health field where I specialized in services to children. For the past 17 years I have been teaching social work. I began my teaching career at the University of Arkansas-Monticello, taught at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS. And I have been at Wlden University in the BSW program as the academic progam director for a little over 2 years. In my teaching career I have served as a faculty member, director of field education and program chair. My research interest is mental health services for children, issues related to caring for the elderly, simulative education and accreditation for social work programs.

I love teaching others about social work because it is my passion. Every degree I received was in social work because I am a social worker and I am very proud of this. I want to continue to work to educate great social workers and improve the ability and respect of this profession.

Dr. Lisa Moon
Work Phone: 870-265-1151

Office Location: Lake Village, AR (Central Time Zone)
Office Hours: I will check email in the early morning, periodically throughout the day, and in the evening. Please email me if you need to set up a telephone conversation. Central Time Zone.