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Career Planning and Development
 | Career Planning and Development
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Archived Webinars:
Career Spotlights

Career Spotlights

Watch Career Spotlights to learn how Walden University students applied career management and job search strategies

to advance in their careers.

Acing the Interview to Land an Online Teaching Position

Veronica Kirkland

Featured Spotlight: Veronica Kirkland
Program:  PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision

Part 1: Embracing Challenges and Finding Success in Public Health

Photo of Nathaniel Geyer

Featured Spotlight:  Nathaniel Geyer
Program:  PhD in Public Health

Part 2: Staying the Course to Reach Graduation

Photo of Nathaniel Geyer

Featured Spotlight:  Nathaniel Geyer
Program:  Doctorate in Public Health

Using LinkedIn and Marketing Strategies to Land a Practicum

Jennifer Wisneski

Featured Spotlight:  Jennifer Wisneski
Program:  PhD Psychology- Clinical Psychology

Making a Career Transition into Academia

Nardia Aldridge

Featured Spotlight:  Nardia Aldridge
Program:  PhD in Healthcare Administration

Promoting Social Change as a Program Director

Photo of Chukwuemeka Obi

Featured Spotlight:  Chukwuemeka Obi
Program:  PhD in Public Health

Walden Networking Led to International Consulting Opportunities

Photo of Alecia Brooks

Featured Spotlight:  Alecia Brooks
Program:  Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Part 1: Landing a Dream Job with the Center for Disease Control

Photo of Dania Thomas

Featured Spotlight:  Dania Thomas
Program:  PhD in Public Health-Epidemiology


Part 2: Staying the Course of Your Career Passion

Photo of Dania Thomas

Featured Spotlight:  Dania Thomas
Program:  PhD in Public Health-Epidemiology

Advancing from an Administrative Position into a Leadership Role

Photo of Jennifer Farinella-Olson

Featured Spotlight:  Jennifer Farinella-Olson
Program:  Master of Public Administration

Networking Tips for Career Advancement

Photo of Tamu Browne

Featured Spotlight:  Tamu Browne
Program:  Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Landing a Dream Job in Health Services

Photo of Linda O'Daniel

Featured Spotlight:  Linda O'Daniel
​Program:  PhD in Health Services

Building a Career in Behavioral Health

Photo of Robert Batie

Featured Spotlight:  Robert Batie
Program:  PhD in Social Work

Career Transition from Military to Counseling

Photo of Steve Zapalla

Featured Spotlight: Steve Zappalla
Program:  PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision

Career Leap into Teaching Abroad

Photo of Wallace Norwood

Featured Spotlight:  Wallace Norwood
Program:  Doctor of Education (EdD)

Communicating Professional and Academic Skills to Land a Higher Ed Teaching Position

Valerie Oji

Featured Spotlight:  Valerie Oji
Program:  PhD Health Services

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