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Walden University Awards:
Citizenship Award

Walden celebrates the accomplishments of the university community—students, new graduates and those who supported them, alumni, and faculty—through a number of annual awards.

This award recognizes excellence in scholarship and service as a master’s student who embodies the ideals expressed in Walden University’s core values and a commitment to serving humankind.  Presented bi-annually (Summer and Winter Commencement) for Distinguished Scholarship, Service and Citizenship honoring a graduating graduate for excellence in citizenship contributions that have impacted positive social change in their community during his or her graduate program.


Nominations open: October 31-November 11, 2022

Recipient announced: 2023 Winter Board of Director’s Award Ceremony

Nominees: Masters Students

Nominators: Students will self-nominate for the Award.

Eligibility and Criteria

General Criteria

The Citizenship Award recognizes master’s students who have demonstrated outstanding service over the duration of their time at Walden.  Students must have impacted positive change in their organization, their community, or in the lives of others.  Although the student’s academic record will be part of the criteria for eligibility, the breadth and depth of their service will be strongly considered.

Eligibility for nomination is based on Walden’s core values of scholarship and service. Award recipients must be in good academic and disciplinary standing. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is expected for award recipients.

  • Students must be eligible for graduation at the end of the 2022 winter quarter (conferral by December 7).
  • Students will self-nominate by applying for the award.
  • Award Process

    • One master’s student will be selected per college as the college winner.
      • Richard W. Riley College of Education and Human Sciences
      • College of Nursing
      • College of Health Sciences and Public Policy
      • College of Management and Human Potential
      • College of Social and Behavioral Health
      • College of Psychology and Community Services
      • College of Allied Health
    • One master’s student will be selected as the overall winner.

    Note: The 1 overall winner will be invited to the Board of Directors Award Ceremony for the presentation of the award.


    Apply for this award

    Previous Recipients

    Summer 2022: Chima Onwuka, MS College of Social and Behavioral Health

    Winter 2022:

    Latrell Floyd

    Latrell Floyd, MS, College of Management and Technology

    Winter 2021: Sonya Antoine, MS, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Summer 2020: Alexandra Schuur, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Winter 2020: Christen Rinaldi, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    Summer 2019: Alan Barone, College of Management and Technology

    Winter 2019: Christopher Davis, College of Management and Technology

    Summer 2018: Lourdes A. Rodriguez, Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership