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Academic, Personal, and Professional Toolkit for COVID-19:
Virtual Work, Technology, and Education

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Virtual Work, Technology, and Education Resources

COVID-19 has propelled many into virtual work, requiring us to adapt to new technologies and virtual platforms while finding creative ways to communicate with, educate, and motivate others.  These resources can help you develop skills and confidence in using the latest platforms and boost productivity.

Videos:  New to Working Remotely?  These Resources Can Help
LinkedIn Learning

Article: How To Make The New Normal Your Normal
Walden Career Planning and Development Blog
Featured:  Martin Culberson, Graduate Assistant

Article: A Doctoral Student’s Tips for Life Balance
Walden Career Services Blog
Featured:  Martin Culberson, Graduate Assistant

e-Book: Bricks to Clicks:  Best Practices to Transition from the Classroom to Online
Featured:  Dr. Stephanie JW Ford, Senior Core Faculty; Dr. Nina Spadaro, Academic Coordinator; Dr. Cheryl Lentz, Senior Contributing Faculty; and Dr. Natalie Casale, Contributing Faculty

Website Resources:  Staying On Track During COVID-19
Walden Academic Skills Center
Featured:  Dr. Shawna Burtis, Walden Graduate and Staff

Webinar: How Coronavirus is Transforming Work

Article:  What it Takes to Run a Great Virtual Meeting
Harvard Business Review

Videos:  Suddenly Teaching Online?  Free Resources to Help Faculty Affected by the Coronavirus
LinkedIn Learning

For a list of freelance, virtual, and temporary employment sites, visit the Career Exploration page and navigate to the Special Interest Resources section.

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