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Virtual Residenices: Overview

Walden is the first higher education institution to offer a virtual residency experience for non-licensure PhD students. The virtual residency offers you the same learning opportunities as our traditional face-to-face residency but without the travel requirements.

As a student attending a virtual residency, you can take advantage of innovative social networking technology that allows you to participate in learning activities through virtual conferences and dynamic online classrooms. You will also be placed in a small cohort of students, which will foster even more opportunities for you to connect with your classmates and faculty.  

Just as the face-to-face residency requires you to attend scheduled seminars, you will need to attend online events that are scheduled throughout the virtual residency. However, unlike face-to-face residencies that require you to attend four full days of seminars, the virtual residency seminars are scheduled over the course of nine partial days throughout the month. Click here to view the upcoming virtual residency dates.  

Attendance and Schedule


You have the option to select from three scheduled tracks: daily, nightly and weekend. However, the elective sessions, professional development sessions, and colloquia activities are shared by all tracks and are scheduled in the morning and/or evening time blocks throughout the virtual residency. That means, regardless of which track you sign up for (daily, nightly or weekend), you are required to attend some sessions outside of your selected track. Please pay close attention to the schedule of sessions to make certain you don't miss required sessions that are outside of your track.



Residency 2 Schedule Tracks

Residency 4 Schedule Tracks

Virtual Residency Eligibility

You may be eligible to participate in a virtual residency if:

  • You are a PhD student participating in a four-residency model.
  • You have completed Residency 1 and/or Residency 3 and are ready to complete Residency 2 or Residency 4. Residency 1 and Residency 3 must be completed through the face-to-face residency.
  • You are not a student in the PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision program.  


You may want to choose a virtual residency if:

  • Traveling presents professional or personal difficulties for you.
  • Your budget limits travel and lodging expenditures.
  • You enjoy collaborating in small groups but also like to work independently around your own schedule.
  • You would like to develop skills with innovative technologies such as virtual conferencing and social media.
  • You are available to attend online seminars and activities during several scheduled time frames over the course of one month.
  • You can communicate via webcam.

Technical Requirements

In addition to the current technical requirements for Walden’s online courses, the virtual residency requires you to have the following:

  • Speakers or headset
  • Microphone
  • Webcam (minimum resolution at 640x480 standard definition)
  • High-speed Internet (strongly preferred due to streaming media needs)
  • Goto Meeting web conferencing software (You must have the ability to run Goto Meeting software. Go to this site to check your system requirements.)


To register for a virtual residency, log in to myWalden and follow the process for residency registration. For more information, call 1-800-WALDENU (1-800-925-3368).