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Latest News

Walden Career Connections Event Coming in July! 

Do you want to engage in networking that is purposeful, fun and fast? Don’t miss the chance to chat live with other members of the Walden community using our new online networking tool, Walden Career Connections! We will be offering a Social Change networking event in July.  Stay tuned for more information.

We hope you’ll take advantage of Walden Career Connections to expand your network, share career tips and establish new professional relationships. 

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Career Quick Answers

Meet the Career Services Team!

One-on-One Appointments
During your first one-on-one telephone appointment with the Career Services Center, we will collaborate with you to set career goals and discuss action steps towards meeting those goals.


Webinars, Overviews, and Cafes

Maximizing Career Success Through Strategic Volunteering*
Our students and alumni often volunteer in their communities in alignment with Walden University’s mission of positive social change. In addition to making a positive difference, volunteering offers opportunities to explore a new career path, cultivate professional connections, and gain new experience and skills. We will discuss a wide range of potential volunteer opportunities and how volunteering impacts career success.

Your Digital Identity as a Scholar-Practitioner*
Your "digital identity” is becoming increasingly important to building and maintaining your professional reputation. In this practical webinar, Dr. Daniel Salter of the Center for Research Quality will feature online venues such as ResearchGate, Google Scholar, Twitter, and Chronicle Vitae to connect with others in your field and showcase your own efforts as a scholar-practitioner.

Career Services Overviews
During this fast-paced, 30-minute webinar, you will gain strategies for proactively managing your career throughout your academic program.  We will cover our most used resources and services and answer your questions.  Register to learn how we can support you in reaching your career-related goals!

Resume Cafe
Thinking of updating your resume? Join us for Resume Café!  During this interactive webinar, we will give you advice for developing an eye-catching resume and describe how our OptimalResume tool can make the process easier.

Networking for the Underconnected Cafe
Is the thought of networking in a room full of strangers intimidating? Do you wonder how to prepare and make your connections meaningful? During this Café, we will discuss networking strategies that play to the natural strengths of both introverts and extroverts.

Curriculum Vita (CV) Cafe
Many higher education teaching and research positions require a curriculum vita or “CV.” During our CV Café, we will review how a CV differs from a resume, describe the main sections of a CV, and share strategies for highlighting your accomplishments.

*Please note, this program will be archived one week after live delivery.  Visit the Archived Webinars page to view prior recordings.