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ASC Software Assistance: Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy Overview

The St. Paul Public Library and the St. Paul Community Literacy Consortium partnered up a few years ago to create the Northstar Digital Literacy Tool (NDLT). It’s a wonderful device for those of us who may have been out of academia for a few years and are not entirely comfortable with our new, digital surroundings.
At the NDLT’s homepage, you’ll find a number of self-guided modules you can take. We’ve taken the liberty of introducing them to you below.

While these skill-assessment tools are great, please note that while they will provide you with a score, they will not offer you remediation. A simple Google search (e.g., what does a USB port look like?), however, should answer your question pretty quickly.

Academic Skills is in the process of building its digital literacy resources and tutorials. To help us better understand what sort of areas you'd like us to focus on, please complete this form. In doing so, you'll be helping us build future resources.