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PSYC 8815 Contemporary Gerontology/Geriatric Psychology: Welcome & Course Readings

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PSYC 8815 Required Course Readings


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Alkema, G.E. & Alley, D.E. (2006). Gerontology's future: An integrative model for disciplinary advancement. The Gerontologist, 46(5), 574-582.


Blanchard-Fields, F. (2007). Everyday problem solving and emotion: An adult developmental perspective. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 16(1), 26-33.


Carreon, D., & Noymer, A. (2011). Health-related quality of life in older adults: Testing the double jeopardy hypothesis. Journal of Aging Studies, 25(4), 371-379.


Cornwell, B., Laumann, E. O., & Schumm, L. (2008). The Social Connectedness of Older Adults: A National Profile. American Sociological Review, 73(2), 185-203.


Fuller-Iglesias, H., Smith, J., & Antonucci, T. C. (2009). Theories of Aging From a Life-Course and Life-Span Perspective. Annual Review of Gerontology & Geriatrics, 293-25.


Lapierre, S., Erlangsen, A., Waern, M., De Leo, D., Oyama, H., Scocco, P., & ... Quinnett, P. (2011). A systematic review of elderly suicide prevention programs. Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, 32(2), 88-98.


Ong, A. D., Bergeman, C. S., Bisconti, T.L., & Wallace, K.A. (2006). Psychological resilience, positive emotions, and successful adaptation to stress in later life.Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 91(4), 730-749.


Skultety, K.M. (2007). Addressing issues of sexuality with older couples. Generations, 31(3), 31-38.


Williams, K. N. & Warren, C.A.B. (2008). Assisted living and the aging trajectory. Journal of Women & Aging, 20(3), 309-312.


Winningham, R.G. & Pile, N.L. (2007). A cognitive intervention to enhance institutionalized older adults' social support networks and decrease loneliness. Aging & Mental Health, 11(6), 716-722.


Zeiss, A. M., & Godley, J. K. (2001). Sexuality in older adults' relationships. Intimacy and Aging, 18-25.

Other Readings

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